What is Improved Nature?

Improved Nature® has mastered the transformation of sustainably sourced soy protein powder into fibrous, 100% plant-based chicken alternatives that are nearly indiscernible from the real thing.

Improved Nature’s plant-based proteins mirror the comforting taste and texture consumers expect while providing advanced nutrition with a short and simple all-natural list of ingredients. The best-in-class flavor will have consumers choosing healthy plant-based proteins not just sometimes, but more of the time. Improved Nature is addressing the social and environmental pressures of population growth by feeding the world with tastily sustainable protein.

How are Improved Nature plant-based products different than other plant-based meat alternatives?

Apart from competitors, we require no additives or binders to create our innovative meat-like texture and better bite – the base product is simply soy that is minimally processed. And, even with the addition of natural flavorings and sometimes breading, we have the simplest most comprehensive nutrition label on the market.

Where can I purchase Improved Nature products?
  • ImprovedNatureDirect.com sells a variety of our Nature’s PRIME concentrated products in both 8 ounce bags and bulk boxes.
  • Improved Nature has future plans to enter the retail market with a select group of breaded heat & serve products.
How do I cook Improved Nature products?

Nature’s PRIME® products need to be boiled as a first step in the preparation process. Once product is hydrated, we recommend that you cook products the same way you would prepare actual chicken, beef or pork—making it an easy recipe replacement. After hydration Improved Nature products can be cooked on the stovetop, in the oven or in an air fryer. Our packaging features cooking instructions.

Where Can I Find Recipes for your products?

Visit the RECIPES page on our website ImprovedNature.com.

When used in recipes, our products are so versatile that we say proudly:

  • Taste the Similarity!
  • Tastes Like Chicken
  • Tastes Like Beef
  • Tastes Like Pork
  • Tastes Like Turkey

We also like to say that our products make recipes "Soy Much Better!"

How do I store Improved Nature products?

Our Natures PRIME products are preservative free and shelf-stable for up to four years from shipment date (keep in a dry, closed package).

After boiling, Nature’s PRIME needs to be either refrigerated or frozen as you would with real chicken.  Click here for the US Food & Drug Administration refrigerator and freezer storage chart.

What are Improved Nature products made of?

Our products are made from sustainably sourced 100% non-GMO soy protein concentrate. Soy beans are on a short list of plants that are complete proteins, and is a leading legume because it derives 35-38% of calories from protein. With Improved Nature products, consumers can improve their potassium, fiber, calcium and iron intake compared to eating plain chicken.

What are the nutritional claims for Improved Nature PRIME products?

High protein, complete protein, high fiber, gluten free, non-GMO, low fat, all-natural, no artificial ingredients, no cholesterol, no MSG, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, egg free, nut free and lactose free.  Also a good source of calcium, iron and potassium!

What are the health benefits of plant-based food?

Research supports that eating a plant-based diet can improve heart health, blood pressure, digestive health and weight control. A plant-based diet can also increase muscle mass and energy, improve the immune system, and reduce inflammation.

 Are Improved Nature products organic?

Our products are not certified organic, but we are exploring this opportunity.

 Are Improved Nature products kosher?

Our base products, Nature’s PRIME, are kosher as well as several of our recipe ready products. Please refer to the PRODUCTS pages on our website for more information.

Are Improved Nature products produced in the USA?

Yes, we are proud to claim that all of our products are produced in the United States.

What is Improved Nature’s position on sustainability?

Efficient use of natural resources is considered the single-most important step toward a sustainable food future, and soy protein is one of the most efficient production sources of quality protein in the world. Soy production is a better use of Earth’s existing resources as it requires less land, uses less water and reduces pollution compared to animal protein production. Improved Nature is addressing the need to help feed 10 billion people by the year 2050 by taking an innovative approach to high-quality protein.

We are providing Better Protein for a Better Planet®.

Who started Improved Nature?

In 2015, Dr. Rody Hawkins, inventor of the famous LUNCHABLES products, and several of his former meat-eating co-workers recognized the need for new quality protein sources. They set out to discover a sustainable and nutritious way to feed the rapidly growing population. Together, they formed Improved Nature, a company that developed and uses an innovative and proprietary process to turn non-GMO soy protein into food fibers that replicate the flavorful taste and familiar texture of chicken.